Sa Health Halts Assessment Of Outpatient Imaging Tenders!!!

31 July 2017

The Deputy Chief Executive for SA Health, Don Frater, confirmed today that SA Health has halted the assessment of tenders for the outsourcing of the Outpatient Imaging Service at the new RAH, and will “continue” genuine consultation on the KPMG Options document in accordance with the Commissioner’s Recommendations of 20 July 2017.

PSA members at the Royal Adelaide Hospital South Australian Medical Imaging department took action last week to raise the stakes with SA Health. “No Privatisation” badges were and are still being worn, flyers are being distributed in the workplace and were handed out at the new RAH Open Days, and a number of media outlets reported the dispute.

The PSA wrote to SA Health on behalf of members this week (here) requesting confirmation that SA Health would follow the recommendations.

The written confirmation received today vindicates the action by members in urgently raising the public awareness of the likelihood and consequences of privatising the essential imaging service, and applying pressure to government to follow proper consultative processes.

Members are congratulated on your willingness to act and your enthusiasm in support of your campaign.

The PSA will call a meeting for Wednesday this week to discuss the next steps.