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04 December 2019

Further to the concerns raised by the Public Service Association (PSA) on behalf of members, SALHN MH has provided a response to the PSA. The letter can be found here.

If members continue to hold concerns or find that the strategies advised by SALHN MH are not assisting, please advise your manager immediately and also the PSA. Your union will continue to monitor this process and advocate for members’ rights.

SALHN MH‘s response also contained the draft Terms of Reference (TORs) for the Local Workload Consultative Forums (LWCFs) requested by members. As noted in Clause 15 of the South Australian Modern Public Sector Enterprise Agreement: Salaried 2017 (‘Agreement’), LWCFs provide an avenue for PSA members to raise workload issues via their Worksite Representatives (WSRs) to ensure that workload issues are monitored and resolved.

The PSA is seeking members’ review and feedback about these draft TORs which are based on Clause 15 of the Agreement. Please forward any comments to PSA by close of business Monday 9 December 2019 to allow them to be included in a collated and non-identifying manner in the PSA's response.