SALHN - OSCMH Dispute Related to Release of OSCMH Options Paper and Deloitte Review Dispute

28 March 2017

The outcome of the PSA and ANMF lodging a dispute in the IRCSA earlier this month about concerns that metropolitan Local Health Network (LHN) Mental Health (MH) Directorates were releasing various Adult CMH proposals for consultation was that SA Health gave a commitment that the status quo would remain by the way of no further consultation, planning or progress in relation to any metropolitan Adult CMH areas. This was to remain in place such time as consultation on SA Health's position relating to Deloitte had occurred, feedback had been provided by unions, and this feedback then considered by SA Health. A telephone report-back by the parties to Deputy President Bartel was arranged for early May.

On 20 March 2017, the PSA was advised by members that SALHN MH had released an "Options Paper" to staff which contained various proposals to change current practices and conditions such as service delivery and rostered hours. Members were concerned given the commitment by SA Health on 3 March, as was the PSA on being notified of this paper.

The PSA contacted SALHN seeking urgent withdrawal of this paper in line with the outcomes of the IRCSA hearing. The ANMF also raised their concerns. When SALHN MH did not indicate that they would abide by the outcomes of the IRCSA hearing, the PSA contacted the IRCSA seeking that the parties reconvene for an urgent hearing.

As a result of the PSA actions, on 22 March 2017, SALHN confirmed the withdrawal of the "options paper" and also confirmed that no discussions would occur until further notice, due to the outcomes from the IRCSA.

The PSA thanks all members who contacted to alert us to this issue. The PSA will continue to keep members updated via PSA Information Updates and your OSCMH PSA Worksite Representatives.