Sheriff's Officers May Shut Down Adelaide Courts

03 March 2017

PSA members have authorised industrial action and may shut down Adelaide Courts. The outsourcing of Sheriff's Officers has not been dismissed as an option by CAA. This is a matter of outright concern to all members. In addition a dispute remains in place about the consultation process being undertaken by CAA due to the lack of a genuine process.

PSA members unanimously endorsed the following motion on Thursday 2 March 2017;

PSA members stand united in protecting public service positions and maintaining high quality of service and security to the South Australian public.

PSA members reject the outdated 2015 review, question its accuracy, and also its rationale. Ongoing doubt remains about the commitment of CAA to consult in a genuine manner towards the best outcomes for employees and the South Australian public. All feedback and comment from PSA members must be considered and the CAA must genuinely engage and share all relevant information.

PSA members reject outsourcing of the Sheriff's Officers roles outright, and seek confirmation that the CAA will remove potential outsourcing from ongoing discussions. 

Unless potential outsourcing is removed from the consultation process, PSA members will promote our concerns through the wearing PSA promotional material in public. Stop work meetings will be called on regular and ongoing basis during the month of April 2017 at metropolitan courts until further notice.

Sheriff's Officers have agreed that by working together and maintaining a united position, we will have a significant voice.

The PSA will continue to meet with member
s and discuss any revised position of CAA.