03 July 2017

The PSA has been consistently supporting member groups at Lyell McEwin Hospital (LMH) over recent months with issues within the Emergency Department, Medical Records, Wards, Social Work Department and Clinical Coding. These issues have mainly related to unsustainable work loads, health and safety concerns and appropriate classification level for duties undertaken.

Significant wins have been achieved by the PSA over this time due to the strong density of membership, the unwavering commitment of PSA Workplace Representatives and the unity of members willing to support each other should industrial action need to be taken.

Some of the most current wins are:

    1. Commitment by NALHN Executive to fund 1.4FTE Birthing and Assessment Unit position immediately.

    2. Commitment by NALHN Executive to fund 1.0FTE Sentencing Officer role immediately with a review after 3 months.

    3. Commitment by NALHN Executive that architects will be contracted to develop plans to create more working space for medical records staff working in congested areas within the next 3 months.

    4. Commitment by NALHN Executive that a review of the allocation of ward clerk hours across LMH will be undertaken.

    5. Commitment by NALHN Executive to fortnightly meetings with the PSA to ensure timely resolution of matters for members.

While the above wins are certainly of paramount importance, there is still much more to be achieved.

NALHN has changed considerably within a very short time frame due to Transforming Health initiatives. Members should not suffer in silence.

Any member who has concerns in other divisions or work areas should contact PSA here.