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01 May 2019

The Public Service Association (PSA) was advised on Monday 29 April 2019 of six concurrent Staff Consultation Sessions to be held on Wednesday 1 May 2019. The PSA has been advised the sessions – one for each Unit - are for salaried staff across Educational Business Units to formally commence consultation regarding Business Unit changes. The Units are:

  •  Student Experience
  •  Foundation Skills and Primary Industries and Animal and Laboratory Sciences
  •  Tourism Hospitality and Creative Arts
  •  Business Justice and Information Technology
  •  Community Services Health and Lifestyle
  •  Mechanical Engineering Transport, Building and Construction

The PSA expressed concern about being given only two day’s notice, and as there are six sessions to be held concurrently, PSA Organiser Rosie Ratcliff cannot be at all sessions at the one time. As a result, our PSA Worksite Representatives (WSR) have rearranged their diaries to ensure that all but one session will have a PSA presence.

The PSA also advised TAFE SA the extremely short notice is a breach of their own ‘Consultation and Change Management Work Instruction’ which states "Advise Industrial Associations of consultation sessions with at least 72-hours’ notice."

TAFE SA has not responded to any of these concerns.

Previously TAFE SA invited the PSA to meet with relevant management prior to staff consultation forums for briefings regarding proposed changes. These briefings provide the opportunity for the PSA to be prepared for any concerns that may arise from the review and to flag any potential industrial issues ‘up front’.

It is the practice of the PSA to ensure a WSR is present when we meet with management as they know the workplace and implications of any proposals. TAFE SA refused to meet with the PSA if a WSR attended. The PSA informed management we would only attend if our WSR was present.

TAFE SA also refused to meet with the PSA for a briefing about the facilities and procurement services review if a WSR was present. It remains both disappointing and concerning that TAFE SA continue to seek to exclude your WSRs from these discussions.

The six educational business units staff consultation sessions are all being held face to face and via Skype on Wednesday 1 May 2019. PSA Organiser and your PSA WSRs are able to attend all sessions except for Community Services Health and Lifestyle (CSHL). As TAFE SA has committed to forwarding recordings of all sessions to the PSA and all staff by close of business that same day, CSHL PSA members are welcome to contact Rosie with any concerns or queries following the session.

The PSA will be organising face to face and Skype consultation meetings for all salaried staff in these Educational Business Units. A PSA Meeting Notice will be issued when these have been arranged.