The End of Harvesting? Consultation on Child Protection Reform and Staffing for Capacity and Child Safety

24 March 2017

The PSA has written to the the Department for Child Protection requesting a commitment to consultation on Child Protection reform after the current debacle around psychological assessments.

See the PSA letter here.

Members have informed the PSA that workload issues relating to the systemic failings across child protection continue to date. Cases that are closed no action continue. Concerns have been raised whether a transition can be successful while significant capacity issues exist.

PSA members continue to campaign for additional qualified staffing across child protection services. The PSA campaigned against the use of commercial care in 2013, yet in recent years it has again increased. There is still no progress on the most important matters such as removing single handed shifts across Residential Care and commercial care, or removing the use of commercial care all together.

The PSA will share the DCP response to all DCP members. If consultation on progressing the most important matters has not progressed we will convene as a collective to discuss options.