22 November 2019

Our right to defend your rights to be represented is under attack.

Right now, crossbench senators are deciding whether to vote for some of the most anti-union laws Australia has ever seen.

The Federal Government's Ensuring Integrity Bill may be voted on in the Senate next week.

Under this proposed legislation union officials could be removed and unions deregistered for the most minor of indiscretions, such as late submission of paperwork.

There are no laws in the Western world as undemocratically anti-union as those contained in the Ensuring Integrity Bill.

South Australian Senator Rex Patrick says he can fix the bill with amendments. Right now he is making a secret deal to get these laws over the line for the government.

These proposed laws would see unions deregistered, make union activism even harder, and allow the government to remove your democratically elected union leaders.

We need your help to tell the crossbench senators, including Senator Rex Patrick, that attacking your right to union representation is simply not on.

Go to http://standupforworkers.com to take action.

In unity,

Nev Kitchin,
PSA General Secretary.