Ward Clerks - Workload

11 January 2016

The Public Service Association (PSA) recently met with Southern Adelaide Local Health Network (SALHN) executive and raised a number of workload issues on behalf of PSA ward clerk members.

PSA members working as ward clerks at Flinders Medical Centre (FMC) had been directed to change their work processes. This had increased the workload for some members already facing high workloads.

Following a meeting between the PSA and members, the PSA wrote a formal letter to SALHN advising of this issue and requesting a meeting. At this meeting, SALHN acknowledged that the order for sorting the patient files is not consistent across the hospital, therefore adding to the time spent on sorting files.

SALHN advised that they are currently in the process of obtaining further information about sorting patient files from wards and other groups in FMC. They further advised that a working group will be established to review this process. The group will look at standardising the procedure for sorting patient files to ensure consistency across the hospital and reduce the time spent on sorting the files. The review is expected to take place in the next month.

The PSA requested that interested PSA ward clerk members be part of the working group and have an input in the review.

The PSA encourages members to use this opportunity and participate in the working group.

Please contact
the PSA should you have any questions or comments or wish to be included in this working group.