What do you say ReturnToWork SA?

24 March 2017

The commencement of the next round of Enterprise Agreement negotiations is set to coincide with the end of ReturnToWorkSA's current organisational review, “Designing Our Future”. The importance therefore to be actively involved in this review has a double significance.

Will you have a future with ReturnToWorkSA and how will this future look in terms of workload?

PSA has reminded ReturnToWorkSA that the essential elements of any restructure must include a genuine and transparent assessment of the current workloads and staffing levels. If staffing levels are going to reduce, and that is the clear intent of the employer, how is this going to impact on the workloads of the remaining staff? How fair, equitable and enforceable are the provisions in the current ReturnToWorkSA Enterprise Agreement to ensure workload is appropriately managed?

The PSA has consistently received reports from members concerned about workloads where they regularly work unpaid time to keep up. The PSA has raised these workload concerns with ReturnToWorkSA including the Director of People and Communications and the Chief Executive Officer.

The PSA will continue to raise and deal with issues that members have clearly identified as being important to them.

The PSA can be the voice for members especially at the time of a restructure where jobs are threatened. We do not expect individuals to put their hands up and speak out about unfair treatment when the threat of job losses hang over their head.

That is one very good reason why people join the PSA; to represent them and protect them in their employment.

It is the obligation of ReturnToWorkSA to demonstrate their compliance with the Award and EA, not ask the PSA to identify individuals for the chopping block. Nor will the PSA simply trust that the right thing is being done. We expect to see data that ensures this is genuine consultation and not a pre-determined outcome.

A copy of ReturnToWorkSA's response to the PSA's initial enquiries can be viewed here

The PSA has written again to ReturnToWorkSA in an attempt to obtain clear information to our initial enquires so we may confirm how the current Enterprise Agreement provisions of section 17 Workload, section 16 Hours of work, section 18 Flexible working hours and section 47 Fixed term employment are being interpreted and administered. A copy of this new correspondence can be found here.

Should we be unable to confirm compliance with the current EA we will again consider seeking redress in the Industrial Relations Commission of South Australia (SAIRC).

The PSA will continue to seek an unambiguous interpretation and application of the current Award and Enterprise Agreement provisions.