Wiltja Workplace Flexibility Agreement Update

13 December 2019

The PSA understands that Wiltja staff have been informed by the Department for Education (DE) that the draft Workplace Flexibility Agreement (WFA) put forward by DE will not be put to a vote at this time. The PSA acknowledges that we are not yet at a point where members are able to endorse DE’s draft proposal.

The PSA has sought clarity from DE about whether they are simply withdrawing a vote at this time or their intention is to stop negotiation around a WFA. The PSA has advised DE that we remain committed to participating in a negotiation process.

The PSA will keep members updated with DE’s response and will report back to members once we have further clarity.

The union remains committed to negotiating a fair flexible workplace agreement for staff at Wiltja and will continue to work with members to achieve this.

The PSA requests all members to please send through their personal email address to the union so we can continue to communicate with you over the break period.