Workloads Dispute - Members Endorse Ongoing Actions

24 July 2017

PSA members at the Public Trustee met on 20 July 2017 to put their views forward on the ongoing workloads dispute. The recent PSA survey was the focus of the discussion and an overview of survey responses was provided at the meeting.

The most concerning feedback from the survey was the consistent answer that there is ‘no action’ from management to address workloads when raised. The consistent answers of ‘extremely low’ or ‘low’ morale in the workplace captured in the feedback is concerning.

Members identified that stresses from workloads are now increasing with more ‘disgruntled’ members of the public expressing their frustration to them.

Members agreed at the meeting that a PSA Workloads Report should be distributed to the employer, all staff, and used to create public awareness.

It is simply not reasonable to continue to ask staff to do more and more, with less.

The agreed actions from the members’ meeting 20 July 2017 were:

  • PSA Survey Report (Public Trustee – Workloads) to be developed
  • PSA Survey Report to be distributed
  • Escalate the identified implications of workloads on employee wellbeing to Safework SA
  • Request that AGD/PT appoint an independent conciliator to assist in communication between parties
  • PSA to build public awareness of the impact on workers and the community

The PSA thanks members and staff for the valuable time and thoughts you put into the PSA survey. We are strong when we work together.