Youth Justice Functional Review | Have A Say

17 July 2019

The Department for Human Services has been undertaking a functional review of Youth Justice as a response to the new state plan for Youth Justice. This functional review will have implications for PSA members across both Community Youth Justice and the AYTC.

The PSA has written to the Department (here) asking for information in order to consult with members and also to establish a formal consultation process where the views of PSA members can be genuinely considered.

As a PSA member your views can be represented through your union. Please send any questions, issues and suggestions about the proposal to PSA by email.

Your PSA organiser, will be meeting with staff at Grenfell Street on Thursday 18 July 2019. A PSA meeting will be held of all staff in Community Youth Justice in the following week.

PSA will also be working with the Worksite Representatives at the AYTC to ensure their views are represented in the functional review.

Clause 34 of your Enterprise Agreement is very clear about consultation in workplace change.


34.1 The parties commit to the following consultative principles.

34.1.1 Consultation involves the sharing of information and the exchange of views between employers and persons or bodies that must be consulted and the genuine opportunity for them to contribute effectively to any decision making process. This includes consultation with the applicable union whose members are affected.

34.1.2 Employers and Agencies consult in good faith, not simply advise what will be done.

34.1.3 It is an accepted principle that effective workplace relationships can only be achieved if appropriate consultation between the parties occurs on a regular basis.

34.1.4 Workplace change, including any restructure/reorganisation (however described) that will affect employees should not be implemented before appropriate consultation has occurred with employee representatives.

34.1.5 Employee representatives will be given the opportunity to adequately consult with the people they represent in the workplace, in relation to any proposed changes that may affect employees’ working conditions or the services employees provide.